Outsourcing your communications: less stress, more impact

3038856950_2247f71cbc_o Thanks to all those gruelling lessons through school, we all can write. Need to draft a quick blog post, shape up a newsletter or prepare a product summary? No worries, just give me 30 minutes!

So why would anyone ever pay someone else to write for them? Surely outsourcing your communications to a freelance writer or agency is a luxury no business needs to afford.

True enough, media and marketing agencies are expensive; even the cheapest of freelancers costs more than your in-house staff. There are also other powerful arguments that could put you off the outsourcing option. For example, should you rely on a single freelancer who may fall ill and delay your copy?

Efficient and effective

But it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that anyone can write. Remember those literacy lessons at school – not everyone got good marks. And how many of those people with top grades in English still write crafted prose on a daily basis.

Great writing takes time and it takes skill. Your in-house team is already busy working on core activities. Throwing extra writing assignments at them certainly won’t help their workload – especially when writing is not their forte either.

The principles of lean management dictate that employees are most productive when they can utilise their specific skills and experience. So for peak productivity, you must allow your team to focus on what it does best; outsource any tasks that fall outside their areas of expertise.

When it comes to communications, this probably means hiring a professional writer who can produce clear, eloquent and engaging texts. It may cost a bit, but you will be free to focus on more pressing – dare we say interesting – business issues.

Benefits of outsourcing15232452174_f73efb7f73_o

Outsourcing your communications saves you time and money. A professional writer can write higher quality content in one morning than your average office worker could churn out in a day, meaning that you get more ‘bang for your buck’.

Here are four top reasons to hire freelance writers today:

Boost sales
Expert communicators can assess your current brand, identify your target audience and develop clear messages complete with USPs and using language optimised for high search engine rankings. You may be able to communicate information, but a professional writer knows how to engage your audience. Done correctly, communications has the potential to increase your sales and broaden your impact. Every word will have a purpose.

Save time
With their wealth of experience, professional copy writers will get it right first time, without the need for lengthy discussions and redrafts. They create good copy while you get on with more pressing tasks.

Save money
Hiring a professional writer will let you produce “just-in-time” quality materials without overworking your in-house staff (bad for morale) or incurring the high overheads of hiring full time writers (bad for profits).

Create seamless content
Professionals know how to develop efficient, effective and targeted communications materials that deliver consistent messages across communication channels (brochures, website, social media, etc).


Find out more about how to identify the ideal copy writer for you.

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