REVI Insights


Key skills: research; knowledge of the higher education sector; data assimilation; communications.

Today academics are increasingly required to demonstrate the impact that their work has on the world outside of academia. To support higher education institutions as they embrace this ‘impact agenda’, Scientia Scripta established a free hub called REVI Insights.

REVI Insights was designed to become a one-stop-shop for free and independent advice. We planned to develop a range of content on how to collect data about the impact of research and how to communicate this impact to assessors, stakeholders and the public.

During the second half of 2014 we spent time researching the market, talking to academics and developing a business model for this venture. We also built up a list of interested users and contributors.

Late in 2014 we made the difficult decision that REVI Insights was not a going concern. We decided to stay focused on our core market, using our skills to interpret and explain research and engage with our clients’ target audiences.

Of course, a lot of our work will continue to support the “impact agenda”. We are in high demand to help clients develop their narratives and find exciting new wells to tell their stories about world-changing research….

Find out about how to communicate the impact of your research.