Leiedal – Smart Cities project


We very much hope to work with Edwin again in the future

 Bart Noels, Project manager


Key skills: Academic/technical editing; editing work by non-native English speakers; editing for target audiences; balancing complexity vs readability

Edwin was selected by Leiedal, a Belguim based company, to write and edit project publications for researcher and public sector audiences. Leiedal had confidence in Edwin’s track record of communicating complex themes for EU institutions and found Edwin’s competitive price to be “very attractive”.

Before commencing the project, Edwin looked through source materials and proposed an approach; the publication text would be based on material obtained from interviews and more technical reports. The publication would contain case studies and side stories to illustrate points and make the publication more engaging. The client praised this approach for its “impressive added value”.

Edwin’s copy found the balance between readability and subject complexity, simplifying detailed concepts where necessary and thereby increasing the impact of the publication.