Leiedal – newsletter

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“Scientia Scripta went the extra mile: instead of just correcting faulty translations, Scientia Scripta engaged in real copywriting. They moulded a rough translation into an agreeable and sparkling text. Scientia Scripta houses real professionals!”

Stijn Vannieuwenborg, Projectmanager, Intercommunale Leiedal

Key skills: newsletter; editing; copy writing.

Leiedal, the development agency for the Kortrijk region of Belgium, asked Scientia Scripta to edit and refine the English version of its inward investment newsletter.

We transformed the rough translations into eloquent and engaging native English text. Each section of the newsletter gave readers clear calls to action. We encouraged businesses to consider relocating to the region and getting in touch with Leiedal for advice and support.

Take a look at the newsletter.

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