Innovation Research Unit

Innovation Research Unit

Three European institutions have been collaborating as partners on several EU-funded projects in the domain of agent-based modelling (ABM).

The SEIN and NEMO projects have developed techniques and software to simulate so-called innovation networks and infrastructure.

Scientia Scripta was contacted by the Innovation Research Unit of University College Dublin (UCD), the Centre for Research in Social Simulation (CRESS) at the University of Surrey and The Centre for Research on Innovation and Services (FZID) at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

These partners wanted a leaflet that would:

  • promote ABM as a tool for policy-makers;
  • highlight the need for further R&D, especially at the European level, to develop the application of ABM in areas of innovation policy.

Scientia Scripta wrote the text and produced the graphic design and layout for the leaflet.

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