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Agilent has over 18,000 employees serving markets in over 100 countries in its three core business areas of Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences and Electronic Measurement.

In 2010 Agilent acquired Varian Inc. in a $1.5 billion deal and, as part of the transition of all relevant marketing material from Varian to Agilent house styles, Scientia Scripta joined other specialist science writers to rewrite hundreds of pages of web content.

This large-scale, multi-team project required close project management through a senior consultant from Deloitte. Scientia Scripta participated in on-site discussions and online training programmes which were provided by Agilent to ensure that the writing style, editing and publishing process was firmly understood by each member of the copywriting team.

Over the following months Hywel and Edwin produced over 250 pages of web content on clinical and pre-clinical research and measurement products. They defined the product hierarchy and target audience of each product line in conjunction with the technology managers and ensured that all material produced adhered to Agilent’s comprehensive branding guidelines.

Each page was written to balance online usability, SEO and marketing considerations. The project was carried out successfully within very tight deadlines. Due to Edwin and Hywel’s diligence and performance, Scientia Scripta was offered subsequent assignments to support the work of other writers and create new website content outside the scope of the initial web content rewrite.