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During 2012-2014 Scientia Scripta helped to shape the REF submissions of several UK universities. We worked with them to develop strategies and materials to tell the stories of how their research is changing the world. These narratives were submitted as impact case studies to REF2014.

Image: C!..., the REF submission we also worked with clients to rework their impact case studies into alternative formats which told strong stories about their research successes for a range of target audiences.

From this experience, we now have the expertise to support your organisation as it embraces the so-called ‘impact agenda’. In particular, we want to help you communicate the impact of your research to stakeholders: government, businesses, students, the media and many more.

Universities have already done a huge amount of work to develop their REF impact case studies; why not use these stories straight away? Read our advice on eight easy ways to communicate your impact.

You may also be interested in REVI Insights, our new venture to establish a resource of practical advice for scientists, researchers managers and other practitioners on how to enhance the ‘impact journey’.

Our expertise

We can help you to:

  • Embed impact into all communication – we identify your key impact messages and develop smart communication strategies.
  • Promote impact – consultancy, training and workshops on how to develop an “impact culture” that embeds impact monitoring into everyday behaviour
  • Spot specific impact stories – we advise on suitable research applications for target audiences.
  • Maximise ROI from REF2014 – we convert your impact case studies into microsites, videos, web case studies and social media campaigns.
  • Stand out – we analyse impact communication across the sector and develop your distinctive strategies.

Please do get in touch so that we can discuss how we can help you.

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