A Round Up of the REF Results


After much anticipation, the results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) were published on Thursday 18th. Universities across the UK received scores for the average quality and ‘power’ of their research with overall rankings presented in a league table.

Here we give you a complete round up of the key points from the REF results day and look forward to REF 2020.

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Five Ways to Publish Accurate Press Releases

news scrabble Coverage of science news can be inaccurate, biased and sensational. So how can you, as a scientist, ensure that your research receives press attention but is reported in an accurate manner?

Although many scientists blame journalists for sensational coverage, research published in BMJ this week shows that press releases issued by universities play a key role in exaggerated coverage.

“Our research shows that most exaggeration in health-related science news is already present in the press releases issued by universities,” says Chris Chambers and fellow researchers in a Guardian article about the findings.

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