Twitter: five ways to keep your followers

Taking time to interact with people on Twitter will help to build a loyal and engaged following

Credit:  Rosaura Ochoa, Scientia Scripta, we love to write. But we know – from experience – that writing can be hard work.

You time is precious so blogging must give you some kind of a return on your investment.

But there are thousands of science blogs out there, so how can you make sure that your voice is heard above the noise?

The science shows that you must share your work on social media – especially on Twitter. However, enthusiastic tweeting is not enough: you need people to notice your tweets, click on your links and ultimately share your blog posts. You need to “tweet smart”.

We previously posted five top ways to share your blog on Twitter. But this level of sharing will only get you so far. To really spark your audience’s interest, you must build a loyal following and engage with your followers directly.

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