Here at Scientia Scripta we use Word everyday – and so do most of our clients. Yet so many people (except professional copywriters, of course) completely miss its awesome power. It can do so much more than provide blank sheets of paper for you to fill with words.

With a little bit of extra knowledge it is incredibly easy to pull your copy out of the mire of mediocrity and give it some professional polish. And you don’t even need to know much about good writing, just how to use a few simple functions in the software.

OK, I’m not talking about turning a mundane business report into a piece of prose worthy of the Pullitzer Prize. I just mean that your text can be a bit more presentable and consistent. Because even if you aren’t bothered about petty things like Unnecessary Capitals, the chances are that someone reading your output will – and it will put them off and destroy your credibility.

Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce a few of my favourite tricks – like simple macros and using wildcards in Find & Replace. Forgive me if I get a bit geeky (I have a penchant for programming), but I hope that a bit of extra Word Knowledge (pun intended) will help your writing to be more productive and professional.

Filed under: Tips | By Edwin on January 13, 2010 at 1:04 pm