Science communication

Scientists have never been isolated from the rest of the world or locked in ivory towers.

After all, a Eureka moment is but a fleeting fancy unless it is shared with others. Clear communication is the key to scientific and technical progress.

We can help you to translate the details of your science and its impacts into clear and eloquent content for a variety of platforms to reach a wide audience of businesses, policy makers and the general public.

We also provide a tailored service for EU collaborative research projects funded through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and other European initiatives. We can produce a wide range of dissemination materials (e.g. project leaflets, PR copy, etc.) and also write, edit, co-ordinate and translate your interim and end-of-project reports to the European Commission. Go to our project dissemination page for more details and to find out about our latest work with projects across Europe.

We can create:

  • press releases;
  • news items;
  • website content;
  • dissemination materials;
  • advertorials;
  • journalistic feature articles;
  • research papers;
  • conference materials;
  • project reports;
  • grant proposals
  • brochures;
  • leaflets.

By letting us worry about the words, you are free to focus on pushing the frontiers of knowledge further ahead.

You have the knowledge; we have the words. Please contact us and see how we can bring the two together in a powerful combination.