European project dissemination

Do you want to save time so that you can focus on research? Allow us to support the communication and dissemination needs of your European project. We can create effective communication materials to promote the results, impacts and outputs of your work – allowing you to focus on your all important research.

Scientia Scripta has written and edited texts for several collaborative research projects funded by the EU. We have crafted clear, engaging explanations of projects and their outcomes for non-experts and general readers.

We have also helped projects to deliver concise, accurate and compelling reports to the Commission. These reports are often written by several project partners who may struggle to explain scientific and technological concepts in English. We can draft and edit reports so that they are consistent, easy to read and highlight the successes of the project.

Find out more about how we helped the following projects:

Success stories for various projects

e-Business Support Network for SMEs

e-Business Support Network for SMEs

European Commission

European Commission: R&D communication


Innovation Research Unit, Dublin

QLectives FP7 project dissemination

European FP7 project: QLectives


European project: PROCURE

  • Success stories – published by the European Commission to disseminate project results.
  • PROCURE – the development of a regional e-government procurement platform.
  • “Learning from Peers” – the production of e-business case studies for the Commission’s European e-Business Support Network (eBSN) for SMEs.
  • A variety of dissemination materials for the European Commission.
  • A leaflet for the University College Dublin’s Innovation Research Unit and other collaborators about agent-based modelling for policy-makers.
  • A leaflet describing the research and pilot trials of the QLectives FP7 collaborative ICT research project.

Let us make your dissemination easy. We can provide you with a full quote for writing or editing leaflets, booklets, websites, blogs, PR material, reports and much more.