CSFRI Survey

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our online survey. We have now analysed the results and submitted our response to the European Commission’s consultation on its green paper discussing a Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding.

You can discover all the results to our survey in our summary document.

The survey’s findings also formed the basis for our own position paper which we submitted to the European Commission. Our key recommendations were to:

  • create some kind of means-testing to allow eligible SMEs to receive 100% funding as project partners.
  • encourage greater use of sub-contracting in research projects to ensure that project teams include participants with the best expertise and skills for specific project tasks.
  • separate out funding for project communication and dissemination activities (projects will apply for these funds once the project has begun to deliver results and identified its key target audiences and messages).
  • keep funding levels for the communication and dissemination work package at the same or higher levels as in FP7.
  • support a centralised one-stop-shop for support services which will facilitate partner and sub-contractor searches, for example by offering a director of pre-approved or quality-rated partners and contractors.

Our response has been published with all the other submissions on the European Commission’s CSFRI consultation website or you can download it here. We will also publish and discuss more results from our survey over the next few weeks in our blog.