New Trends in European PR: Success Stories

This is a guest post by Piotr Pogorzelski on an important emerging trend within European R&D PR and communications – the success story.

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5 Tips for Effective FP7 Proposals

The European Commission has just published its 2012 FP7 Work Programme, so stand by for the next calls for project proposals. Even before the calls open people are already huddling together to form consortia which can submit proposals for collaborative research! We give you some tips on how to make your application as painless as possible.

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New CORDIS Partners Service

As work on the development of Horizon 2020 continues, a number of new platforms and services are appearing to help would-be participants get things done just a little bit easier. Any tool that make collaboration less burdensome is certainly very welcome!

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Sub-contracting in FP7 – the whys and wherefores

We continue the debate on the benefits and pitfalls of using sub-contractors in EU-funded research projects. Continue reading Sub-contracting in FP7 – the whys and wherefores

Do projects like to communicate?

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing the findings of a survey we conducted in order to inform our CSFRI (or Horizon 2020) Green Paper response. We have looked at the use of sub-contractors in current FP7 projects, issues surrounding the involvement of SMEs as project partners and the development of Horizon 2020 itself.

In this post we explore some of the attitudes people have towards project communication.
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SMEs as EU project partners – is it possible?

A few thoughts on how Horizon 2020 – today announced as the new name for FP8 or the common strategic framework for research and innovation (CSFRI) – should make partnership in projects a viable option for SMEs. Continue reading SMEs as EU project partners – is it possible?

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Scientia Scripta on

As part of our on-going efforts to provide the best possible research dissemination service for EC-funded projects, we are delighted to announce that we are exploring  a new partnership with FP-tools.

FP-tools provides sophisticated document and project management tools specifically developed for EC framework programme researchers. The solutions on offer cover all aspects of project lifecycles from the creation of proposals, through research implementation to reporting on the final results.

The high quality tools on offer ensure that all documents are efficiently produced and in formats that comply fully with all EC requirements. However, the strength of all text does rely on the written ability of project partners as well as the amount of time and resources they can devote to the work. This can place limits on the quality of reports meaning that project research isn’t represented as well as it could be.

That’s where Scientia Scripta comes in. We are offering specialist editing and proofing of all reports and documents developed using FP-tools’ solutions; casting a critical yet creative eye over them to help research make more of an impact.

To find out more please go to and give your feedback on this exciting new development of our services.

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Can SMEs afford to be FP7 project partners?

SMEs don’t like to expose themselves as partners in the high risk, high cost, long-term R&D that is FP7.

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Response to the CSFRI Public Consultation

The European Commission officially launched their analysis of the recent public consultation on the proposed Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding at an event today in Brussels. The event was very well attended and we managed to view many of the key speeches over the live webstream at the EUTV website.

The CSFRI will continue on from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) once it expires in 2013 and the recent public consultation was designed to acquire the views of stakeholders across the EU. We had contributed to that study and were very interested to hear the results of the EC’s initial overview of the responses.

A green paper on the summary analysis of the public responses (both position papers and via the online survey) was published this morning detailing the key findings of the consultation. Several points are detailed below:

Support for the CSFRI concept – the consultation showed that there is widespread support for the proposals to combine funding mechanisms into a single framework and for the streamlining of processes this will hopefully provide.

Open, simplified and coherent funding – in addition to the benefits it is hoped that the CSFRI will provide, many respondents called for greater simplification across all funding mechanisms but with increased open and flexible opportunities for relevant organisations and SMEs. Many would also like to see continuation of the more successful initiatives currently in operation.

Greater societal focus – there is a significant desire to see a greater focus on societal challenges being addressed in future projects. Innovations that address issues relating to Europe’s aging population were particularly highlighted.

In addition the short list for the You Name It! competition to give a new title to the CSFRI was released at the conference’s close and voting on the winner is now open.

We will discuss the issues raised at the conference and highlighted in the public consultation analysis report further of the coming weeks in conjunction with presenting more of our own research and opinions on the CSFRI proposals.

For further reading at this stage however, some useful resources are included below:

The Analysis of the Public Consultation Report

The opening and closing conference addresses by Máire Geoghegan-Quinn Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science.

Please bookmark or save a link to our blog to hear more very soon.

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CSFRI Conference – 10 June 2011

This is just a short post to promote the conference on the Common Strategic Framework for EU research and innovation funding taking place in Brussels later today. We recently contributed to the CSFRI consultation and we are looking forward to hearing whether the EC’s conclusions from the consultation take account of anything we mentioned in our submission.

Unless you have a ticket I’m afraid it is too late to go to the conference of course, but the event will be webstreamed by EUTV starting at 9:15am. A description of what will be included in the conference is included below and the full programme is available on the CSFRI website.

“The conference will wrap up the public consultation on the Green Paper, present the results and give the stakeholder community an opportunity to discuss them. Hence it will focus on how best to support research and innovation for the future of Europe. Leading industrialists, researchers and politicians will highlight the critical importance for research and innovation as a major component of the next EU budget.”

We’ll be eagerly tuning into the conference stream (whenever work schedules allow, of course) and will discuss some of the themes of the event in this blog later tomorrow tomorrow.

In addition, the following Twitter accounts may be useful for finding out more about the event and other related matters:!/CordisEurope!/EU_enterprise!/EUinnovation!/innovationunion

Pleas share any more useful news feeds or other resources in the comment section below and please feel free to connect with us at!/ScientiaScripta throughout the day tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you.

NEWSFLASH: The EC’s summary analysis is available for download!

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